Main features:

  • Manage your business contacts, create contact groups
  • Send and receive emails
  • Work simultaneously with multiple users (paid plans)
  • Create letters, quotes and invoices (digital invoicing)
  • Manage your purchase/sales invoices and payments
  • Keep track of your hours in a timesheet
  • Manage your stock and projects
  • Receive performance reports by email (quotes, sales, purchases, profit/loss, sales reps)
  • Submit your own VAT Declarations
  • Manage your bookkeeping yourselve and export/mail it to your accountant (Exact Online import)
  • Connect to MailChimp, WordPress and MessageBird (SMS)
  • Import transactions from banks and payment providers (CAMT/MT940, PayPal import)
  • Manage your agenda, to-do list and store .docs/images in a file library
All features:
  • Your company in the cloud

    Your data will be stored on our secured servers, which means you can log in to your account from anywhere in the world from your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile as long you have an internet connection.

  • Safe and sound

    We backup your data every 4 hours, 365 days a year. You can use 2 step authentication login to protect your data yourself too. So your data is safe and sound in our cloud.

  • Manage your contacts

    Add contacts like prospects, customers, suppliers, staff members, influencers (media, bloggers, reviewers). Or create your own contact groups. Find contact details in a nutshell.

  • User privileges

    YouBaze allows you to log in with multiple users simulteneously (Triple and Unlimited plans). The admin can set privileges to each user. You don’t want all staff members to view sales reports, change settings or export your customer data, for example.

  • Mobile-friendly

    YouBaze is responsive. Data and layouts adapt to your mobile screen. Hence you can access your data easily on your tablet or smartphone too.

  • Send and receive email

    You can send and receive emails from your own email address. Emails will be linked directly to your contacts. Multiple mailboxes are possible (info@ or personal@). Users can be given a privilege to look into each other’s mailbox. This can be disabled per user. Another cool feature: you can see if someone has opened your email.

  • Quote and invoice digitally

    Send quotes and invoices by email. They will be filed to your correspondence history automatically. You can set quote reminders to ask customers about the status and list open quotes with one click.

  • Write letters

    For the die-hards among us: you can write a letter to a contact which will be added to his/her correspondence history.

  • Sticky notes are back!

    This is a feature you will use a lot: digital sticky notes. Send colleagues a sticky note on an individual basis or project basis. It pops up on his/her screen instantly.

  • Multilingual

    If you have international customers this is a cool feature too. You can communicate in different languages. Doesn't matter which one. Invoices, quotes, letters, emails, reminder emails will appear in the language you have set a contact to. User interface can be set to English or Dutch.

  • Create VAT reports

    This will save you money instantly as you can submit VAT declarations yourself. You need to manage your purchase invoices though. For EU companies selling within or outside Europe (VAT shifted) we have added an ICP page.

  • Performance reports

    You receive performance reports for any given period automatically by email (.pdf). It shows you sales, quotes and purchase totals per period, product, customer and project. On top of that it shows you the amount quoted and monitors the performance of your sales reps.

  • Get paid in time

    Use payment reminders in order to get paid faster. You can set the terms of payment or disable reminders on a customer level. Some customers need to pay within 30 days, some sooner. If you don't send reminders, customers pay later... or never.

  • Manage your purchases

    Add purchase invoices and manage your payments. Digital invoices sent by suppliers can be added by one click from the incoming email. Another nice feature: you can attach the invoice (.pdf) to a purchase record. No need to file it in print.

  • Auto import WordPress

    Insert and customize contact forms and manage inquiries on your WordPress website and import them directly into your YouBaze CRM account!

  • Agenda

    Each user has his/her own agenda. Add appointments or things to do to your agenda and set notifications. Invite colleagues to join your activity or invite a whole project group. Allow colleagues to look into your agenda.

  • Library

    Upload and archive images and docs. Create your own folders to file logos, customer designs, marketing campaigns and more.

  • Connected to MailChimp

    If you add a contact in YouBaze it will be automatically added to a MailChimp list. This makes it easier for you to send out bulk emails to your customers, prospects, media, staff or the groups you have created in YouBaze.

  • Customer reviews

    Send an auto generated email to your customers x days after you have send an invoice. Ask them how they experienced your product or service, file the review in YouBaze and publish it on your website. You decide which reviews will be published or not.

  • Send SMS

    YouBaze connects with MessageBird a service that enables you to send text messages to your contacts.

  • Project management

    Create projects and add users to a project group. Send emails to a project group or sticky notes. Our reports show you how a project performs financially.

  • Import and export data

    Export your contact data per contact type for external purposes (emailing, direct mailing, list broking). If you already have contact data, you can import lists, name the import list and accept or reject the import.

  • Manage media sources

    If you spend money on marketing, you most likely want to know how your media channels performs. Using media sources, you can determine which channel works best for you and how much sales it generates.

  • Send birthday emails

    A birthday is the perfect moment to create goodwill. However, it's a great moment to generate sales too. Just add a voucher and see what happens. YouBaze sends birthday emails X days before or exactly at the actual birthday.

  • Nurture your prospects or customers

    This is a very interesting tool to convert prospects into customers and educate your customers. Nurture emails will be sent based on the phase your contact is in. Read our blog post 'How to nurture prospects and turn them into customers.'

  • Currency and VAT

    YouBaze is a global CRM system in the cloud. Hence we've integrated a currency and VAT tool. You can set the currency you want and choose from 5 different VAT types.

  • Manage bank accounts

    Big chance you have more than one bank account for your company. You can manage bank accounts in a setting and link them to sales/purchase invoices and your bank book for bookkeeping purposes.

  • Auto data correction

    You can't expect all users to input data correctly. This tool corrects improper data input in contact details like initials, first name, family name, address, ZIP code and city.

  • Monitor your sales reps

    This tool enables you to monitor the performance of your sales reps. It shows you how many quotes have been written, how many are open, how many deals are closed and how much sales this generated.

  • Call without dialing (VoIP)

    If you use VoIP and your provider uses Broadsoft, you can call your contact without dialing manually. If you work with multiple users in YouBaze, you can set auto dialing for each user/phone.

  • Your own header

    CRM is a bit boring. We found a way to make it more personal: you can upload a personal header (paid subscription). For home offices you can make it really personal. For small offices you might use a photo of your team. Be creative.

  • Correspondence history

    You can add letters, emails, quotes, orders, invoices, purchase invoices, files, notes and telephone conversations. Everything you communicate will be filed in a correspondence history list. This is a great way to see what has been communicated with this contact.

  • Time registration

    Keep track of the time you spend on projects in a timesheet, link them to an order and import them in the invoice for this order with one click.

  • Inventory management

    Sales and purchases (once received) can be linked to your inventory management. If you enter a critical stock level, you or your purchase manager will receive an email alert when the stock for this item drops below the critical level.

  • Export your bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping data like contact details, sales, purchases and bank & cash books can be exported (.csv files) and sent to your bookkeeper. These files are ready for import for accountants or bookkeepers working with Exact Online.

  • Import your bank entries

    YouBaze enables you to import transactions from banks and payment providers (like PayPal). This way you don’t have to enter this data manually anymore. Transactions can be linked to invoices and purchases for debtor and creditor management and bookkeeping purposes.

  • Zipcodes

    City and state will be automatically prefilled when you enter a proper zip code. State will only be prefilled in USA, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, India and Australia. We have integrated zipcodes for the following countries.

    1. Argentina
    2. Australia
    3. Austria
    4. Bangladesh
    5. Belgium
    6. Brazil
    7. Bulgary
    8. Canada
    9. Denmark
    10. Finland
    11. France
    1. Germany
    2. Great Britain
    3. Greenland
    4. Hungary
    5. Iceland
    6. India
    7. Italy
    8. Luxembourg
    9. Macedonia
    10. Malaysia
    11. Mexico
    1. New Zealand
    2. Netherlands
    3. Pakistan
    4. Philippines
    5. Poland
    6. Portugal
    7. South Africa
    8. Spain
    9. Sweden
    10. Switserland
    11. Thailand
    12. USA
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