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Contact Form plugin (free) | import data forms from your website with one click

With the YouBaze Contact Form plugin you can insert and customize contact form widgets to your WordPress website, allowing you to manage inquiries ranging from customer questions, applications, press requests, RMA forms and much more. You can configure input-labels, form title, error messages, confirmation email text, etc; per widget, and all in your own language. Furthermore, you can indicate whether specific fields should be visible or not, and whether they are required or optional fields.

On successful validation of a form submitted by one of your website's visitors, the plugin will send a custom confirmation email to the user and will send an email containing all information to you (the website owner). The plugin will automatically attach a special file to the email sent to you (the website owner), allowing you to directly import a new contact into your YouBaze CRM account, linking the incoming email to this new contact, and assigning a correspondence number to the email. In our video tutorials we use the Enfold theme. We recommend you use this theme or find out how your theme embeds plugins if you don't use Enfold.


how to install this plugin (1:23) how to set and embed the contact form (7:46)

Pre-order plugin | import & confirm pre-orders from your website

Wouldn't it be great to sell first, than purchase or produce? Hardly any stock risk and the knowledge your product sells. Our pre-order plugin enables you to create an order form in your WordPress website and import and confirm pre-orders with one click. Create a pre-order form in a widget, embed it in your WordPress website and import and confirm pre-orders in your YouBaze account. Use product id's to synchronize both front-end (website) and back-end (YouBaze). After importing the pre-order, YouBaze will send your customer an email automatically with a confirmation link and confirmation reminders if your customer hasn't confirmed. And when they have, you will receive an email and the status of the pre-order will be set to 'pre-order confirmed'. Important: your WordPress theme must work with widgets (Enfold does).


Need a custom WordPress plugin?

We build WordPress plugins for third parties too. You don't need a YouBaze account for this. If you would like a custom WP plugin that connects with your YouBaze account, that's possible too, but only possible for Stand Alone plans. Read more about our Stand Alone plan on this page.

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